Friday, June 12, 2009

Create Unstoppable Confidence


Self-confident people have indestructible self-belief, nothing can take away their feeling of self-worth and they bounce back again and again.
You can feel like this. You have all that it takes to go for what you want and to ride the ups and downs that life inevitably brings. You have given yourself a chance to get going and change your life. Just do it!

A person with strong Self- belief, checklist:

  1. Never compare yourself with others.
  2. Knows that you are your own person and that nobody else can understand YOU as well as YOU can.
  3. Listen to helpful advice and comments, however never blindly follows other people's opinions.
  4. Trusts your instincts and listens to your heart.
  5. Recognises that you will make mistakes and learn from them and moves on.
  6. Depends upon your own judgement and always gives yourself time to work things through.
  7. Values rest and relaxation as much as action planning and activity.
  8. Knows that when you are calm and focused you will make the best decisions.
  9. Accepts that there will be days when your self-belief is not so strong and will wait until you are feeling more positive before committing yourself to any course of action.


The only way to change your circumstances, in any of your relationships is to change yourself. When life throws us a challenge we have a choice to make.

Ask yourself these questions .........
How do you respond now? How would you like to respond? How would you like to feel?

Being creative in how you respond is not always easy, it requires courage and will-power at a time when things might become very tense.

I would like you to change or delete a few words in your vocabulary.

  • Difficult becomes Challenging or Trying.
  • delete the word "try" take it right out of your vocabulary!

When we use the word "try" we give ourselves an excuse not to do something. Think about that for a minute. Start by making these changes, by using these words.

Low self-esteem is always linked with victim consciousness. What is holding YOU back?
How could we continue to let ourselves;

  • lose out,
  • miss out,
  • get treated like a doormat,
  • be abused etc.

This low self-esteem is limiting you, do you deserve to be treated in this way?
Next time when you find yourself diving for cover, or feeling sick with guilt and blame, or is it often causing you to be unsatisfied with your life? Thereby lowering your self-esteem even more, think about how you can stand up for yourself and ask am I taking responsibility for my life? You have to raise your self confidence.......You ask how?.......You can with awareness and training.......Your journey has began!


  1. Johanna,

    What a wonderful, thoughtful post. I've spent a lifetime trying to live and learn; and you've summarized valuable lessons to live by right here.

    In a similar vein, is a pearl I received from a friend. She asked me to help her with something; and my response was "no problem." She suggested another reply might be in a more positive vein, "my pleasure". It really does feel better.

    Thanks for your insights.

  2. Great insights!
    I dont know if I told you but we at the specific chiropractic center had a huge patient education meeting that was positive thinking geared. It is great to see people move forward with their thinking...thanks!