Monday, March 30, 2009

Are You Open For Change?

Sometimes life will get difficult and set up a challenge.
How will you handle that challenge? Will you sit by idle and hope that it will go away or will you strive and conquer by jumping in at the deep end with both feet? Are you scared of failing or drowning?

Keep your mind open so you can explore all possibilities presented to you. Sometimes it is very hard to be open, creative and grow in ways that only you can grow.

When I went for my first competition I stood with shaking feet and sweaty palms, and I asked my parents, “Do you think I should participate, do you think I'm good enough?”

Their answer was simple, “What have you got to lose?” and that was that. Sure enough I lost the contest, well actually I came in at second place. Did that count? Yes I had won!

Suddenly,I was popular and gained friends. Overnight, I was the princess! But the best part of all, I had gained experience.
After that there was no looking back. Needless to say, I had gained confidence.
The winning streak continues still.

When someone ask me, “What if we do not win?” You guessed it, “What have you got to lose?” Coming in second is not bad!

If you think you are losing face or reputation by losing any kind of contest, whether you are vying for that all important client or your school spelling contest, than just admit the fact that you were not good enough in the first place.

The problem is that we become so fixated at our loss so subjectively that we do not look at anything else. Not even at what we have gained due to the loss. All we see is a closed door instead of looking at the new windows that are opening for us.

We have to find what works for us, and what we can improve about ourselves. The secret behind converting a loss into a win is what we gain out of the experience.

Refuse to allow yourself to have low expectations about what you are capable of doing or creating.
To often we set our goals so low that we are not being challenged, we just do not aim high enough.

You are capable of so much more, let your inner flame tell you that you are able to create miracles in your life.
You possess the energy to be a miracle worker. However you have to believe, want and know it is with in yourself. When you decide to have an open mind, ready for change, you are ready for anything!

Know no boundaries and limitations.
Think of what you are going to gain.

Every day is a new beginning. Go on, give yourself another chance. In life there are no guarantees. Do we stop trying just for fear of failing? Then why do we stop believing in ourselves? Why do we stop taking more chances? Why do we stop participating in contests or experimenting in life?

What have you got to lose?
Take a chance now and get ready for change!


  1. Great post Johanna!

    You're right, often we can't look past the "failure" part of an experience, rather than "what did I learn" from this so the next time I can do better.

    And of course, we are often so resistant to change as it puts us outside of our comfort zone; but if you want to grow and become the best you can be, it is a must!!


  2. Wonderful to find you and your beautiful blog. Intuitive and insightful posts, beautiful graphics.

    I tried to follow you on twitter, but I can't do it for some reason.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better.


    Dr. Sally Witt

  3. This is a lovely blog. Being open to change allows a whole new world to open up.

    My warmes wishes

    Wendy Tomlinson

  4. Great word. I believe we can create or destroy with words.