Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do You Like Your Life Today?

Do You Like Your Life Today?

More importantly, do you like yourself?
Happy with what you've become?
Do you think you have developed some very important qualities?
On the other hand, are there some extremely self-destructive attitudes or behaviors which you wish you didn't have which you would very much like to change this minute?

Your reading of "Make Your Garden Grow" is a private experience. No one is watching your thoughts. They are your and yours alone!
You can be as honest with yourself as you want to be. You will not be taking any tests, there will be no test scores, the quality of your life is the only true test.
So how is your life?
In this private and personal study you can create a better life, becoming the person you love to be through practice of the techniques and concepts revealed in this blog.

However, a kind and unpretentious honesty is a necessary foundation. In many ways, it's fun to be honest.
Abraham Lincoln, and other sages, said it's better to speak the truth because then you won't have to keep all your lies straight. Honesty with yourself is the beginning of sincerity with other people!
It is the bedrock of good will and mutual respect. If you can't be honest with yourself, you will find it very difficult to improve your life in any lasting way. All movement toward higher consciousness involves facing problems, shortcomings, and then being willing to make changes.

Of course the most difficult thing is to be honest with ourselves. It's so very easy to be self deluded into thinking that we are always in the right, we are always the offended party or hero from the "good side."

Now that is a delusion.

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