Thursday, January 8, 2009

Law of Attraction

Does the name Helene Hadsell ring a bell?

She has an outstanding gift of being able to manifest anything she desires into her life -- by "choosing" to win specific contests.

She's won trips to Europe, kitchen equipment, cars, made appearances on TV and in the most remarkable case -- she won a house in a lucky draw that 2 million other people took part in. She's also won beauty contests, healed herself from a near-fatal accident and published a book that sold 3.5 million copies.

She claims her remarkable ability has nothing to do with luck -- and everything with mental focus and controlled thought.

Sure we all would like to win whether it would be the 649 or anything at all. Do we give winning any thought at all? Or do we keep asking for the same thing over and over again. If the only thing your mind is doing is transmit and transmit some more the Universe–which is trying to respond–can’t give you a single thing because you’re not allowing yourself to receive! Focus on what you really want and you will get it!

Allow yourself to receive.
Just think of your desires and leave it out there, go away, and trust that your cup will be filled with gold coins :)or just to be healthier :) when the time is right.

Be patient with yourself.
Receiving takes time.
Many people will try to receive for a little while because they have decided that if the Law is not working after a few day's or weeks, it’s never going to work at all.
However think about this one thought,everything in this world has a natural development time.
So relax and be patient. Remember that you too, as part of the Universe, are also governed by the laws of the Universe, and you cannot change the natural development time.

Support and educate yourself.
Seek and be hungry for new knowledge. Make an effort to be amongst people or communities where you can support each other, learn from each other, and also share new knowledge that you have found.
While the Law of Attraction is not an overnight delivery service, it will indeed deliver, if you do your part too!

In this crazy world, anxiety may always be there to test you. But you have the power to choose how you react to it. Being more self aware is the way to gain power over your reactions that create stress.

To become more self aware, start practicing meditation. If you already meditate, start teaching someone else. This will deepen your practice. By practicing meditation, your self awareness will develop and that will help you master your reactions to anxiety and worry; the culprits of stress.

It will take some discipline to develop a consistent meditation practice. Know that you can achieve this, if you really want it. The only thing required of you is the commitment to make it happen.

Imagine getting restful sleep every night. Imagine waking up refreshed and invigorated, ready to "go for it". Visualize how you would feel, and how much more you would enjoy each day. How much better would this make your life, just by itself?

Light a candle, empty your mind and gaze at the flame for 5 minutes, or longer if you are comfortable with this way of meditation. Concentrate and do what you must to keep your attention on the flame. When you have made a commitment to meditate, try to meditate at least once per day. Twice a day would be better.
Keep your focus inward on your breath, relax and don't let your
thoughts wander all over the place.
Being an observer of your breath is really the only thing to do.

Every fiber of your being is aware of your breath. You’re relaxed as
deeply as you can be and subtle shifts in your breath brings you further into your meditation.
After a few days, you will be deepening your meditation practice. The ability to detach from the thoughts and be an observer of your breath is a style of insight meditation.

Stay committed and devoted. You will achieve inner peace.
Rest assured, it will be become a simpler experience!
You will begin noticing that you are more alert, able to
concentrate longer, and not feeling as tired in your
normal, regular day. These are some benefits from practicing meditation on a daily basis. Remember to focus on your breath, detach from your thoughts, and notice your bodily sensations.

Deep relaxation exercises, will help you control your focus, discover the power of your mind, and keep your inner state passive and quiet.

Tomorrow you wake up looking forward to your new day and welcome it with open arms. Things start to look a little brighter. You notice that you have more energy.

May your life get better, better and better!

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